My Plantcentric Journey

Got this from the Happy Healthy Long Life – The Healthy Librarian’s fb page.  Thank you.

This excerpt really hit home for me:

“But I couldn’t train harder. I couldn’t run harder. What was the secret?

The next year, the summer of 1996, a sick old man told me part of the secret. He had just shuffled back from his physical therapy session and was slowly climbing back into his hospital bed. With each painful step he took, I could see his frustration, feel his anger. It was my senior year at St. Scholastica, and I was working an internship for my degree at a hospital in Ashland, Wisconsin. I was supposed to be helping him, and we both knew I was failing. The old man climbed into bed, and he looked at his lunch tray waiting for him—Salisbury steak drenched in something brown and congealed, lumpy potatoes, iridescent-looking canned peas. His expression said it might as well have been a tray of rocks. He didn’t say anything, but he might as well have been shouting.

As an athlete, I was ostensibly dedicated to health, which would lead to optimal performance. As a physical therapist, I was supposed to be helping people with their bodies, but I didn’t spend a second focusing on their diet. Was it a coincidence that sick people were being served starchy, crappy food? If a balanced diet could make you faster, could a bad diet make you sick?

The old man wasn’t talking, but I could hear the secret he was telling me.

What we eat is a matter of life and death. Food is who we are.”

Both my Mom and Dad spent time in hospitals and physical rehabilitation facilities. One, of many, things that really bothered me was the abominable food!  White bread, margarine, processed meat with beige gravy, canned peas.  Ugh!  How is someone supposed to get well while getting no nutrition??,7120,s6-242-303–14320-F,00.html


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