My Plantcentric Journey

I’m so excited about this.  Things are slowly starting to change.   Disney has banned ads for super sugary cereal, candy and fatty fast food aimed at children on its TV channels, including its ABC Saturday morning line-up, radio and websites.

When I was little and I went to the grocery store with my Mom, I would spend the whole time in the cereal aisle while she did the weekly shopping.  I loved looking longingly at all those boxes that I had watched commercials for on Saturday morning television.  I was allowed to pick one box each week.  Which one would I choose?  The one with the best prize that I could send away for after collecting box tops or the one with the best prize inside the box or the one with the most likeable cartoon character on the front?  I remember dumping out the contents of the box into a big bowl looking for the prize.  The advertising aimed at me most certainly affected my Mom’s purchase.

First Lady Michelle Obama called it a “game changer” that is sure to send a message to the industry.

“Just a few years ago if you had told me or any other mom or dad in America that our kids wouldn’t see a single ad for junk food while they watched their favorite cartoons on a major TV network, we wouldn’t have believed you.”


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