My Plantcentric Journey

Too Fat to Fit

We hear that there’s an obesity epidemic (actually, we can see it).  We hear that it is going to cripple the US and its workforce.  But really, how is it going to effect me?  That’s somewhere else.

I was just reading my little, local free paper and found an article on the front page:  Commissioners Approve Grants for Four Projects.  One of the grants is for a new bariatric ambulance.

It states that another local Fire Dept. was successful in its request for $20,000 to outfit an ambulance to serve bariatric patients.  Fire officials said the equipment is needed because of the growing problem of obesity in the US and the county.  The local Commissioner said very few area departments are equipped with the specialty equipment.

I’ve seen that funeral homes now have to offer super-sized caskets.  I’ve been in Nursing Homes and Rehab Centers that offer a few super-sized wheelchairs.

We all know how cash-strapped the local governments are.  These grants aren’t even addressing the problem.  This is just wasting our tax dollars by putting a band-aid on a hemorrhaging patient .

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