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14 Ingredients to Avoid for Your Heart Health

An important first step in creating a heart-healthy kitchen is to read and understand food labels. They are your best reference for assessing what to add to your grocery cart and what to leave on the store shelf. Use the list below to determine what items to avoid buying – many of these ingredients are considered pro-inflammatory and therefore unfavorable to a heart-healthy diet.

If the product contains one or more of these undesirables, don’t buy it!

  1. Artificial sweeteners or non-nutritive sweeteners
  2. Corn oil
  3. Cottonseed oil
  4. Fractionated oil
  5. High fructose corn syrup (HFCS)
  6. Hydrogenated oil or vegetable shortening
  7. Margarine
  8. Palm or palm kernel oil
  9. Partially hydrogenated oil (source of trans-fat)
  10. Blended vegetable oils
  11. Safflower oil
  12. Soybean oil
  13. Sunflower oil
  14. Fat “substitutes” (such as olestra)

From:  Dr. Weil’s Heart Health Newsletter

Comments on: "14 Ingredients to Avoid for Your Heart Health Dr. Weil" (2)

  1. beccadog10 said:

    I don’t buy those products. I only buy organic extra virgin olive oil from Italy. But, my narrow minded husband won’t listen. Bordon ice cream has many of those toxins and others, but he has to have his toxic fix and takes his weekly walk of 3 blocks to buy and then eat a quart of toxic ice cream with many of those ingredients. His rationalization is that neither of his parents died from heart disease and they ate it. His parents died of old age and dementia, in the case of his mom. But they both died before recombinant DNA was released unregulated and untested into the marketplace. Now this and most processed food is not really food, it is is crap sold to the naive, ignorant, and narrow minded populace.


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