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“Most of my career I looked at coronary artery disease as a “terminal disease”.  You’d die from it.  But, I began seeing more research showing that not only was it preventable, but it was reversible.

I heard Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr. speak at meeting three years ago–and it opened my eyes.  

I started studying & doing my own research on others who were doing similar research.  Esselstyn wasn’t alone.  There’s a building body of evidence that coronary artery disease is preventable & reversible. That was eye-opening.”

-Dr. Marc Katz, MD, PhD, cardiac surgeon, Medical Director of the Heart and Vascular Institute and Head of the Minimally Invasive Surgery Program at Bon Secours Richmond Health System

I love  Go check it out.  It’s a wonderfully informative blog.

Read the rest of this at :

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