My Plantcentric Journey

By Rachael Anne Hill | The Slim Down

We all know we need to eat less to lose weight but doing so can be much harder ‘said’ than ‘done’ when hunger pangs, food cravings and the irresistible urge to snack takes hold.  That’s why the ‘Satiety Index’ developed by experts at the University of Sydney really can be a dieters best friend.

What is the ‘Satiety Index’?

At its simplest, the satiety index, is a measure of how long a particular food will stop you from feeling hungry.  It was first developed by Dr Susanne Holt back in 1995.  Holt and her colleagues fed volunteers 240 calorie portions of a wide variety of different foods in an attempt to discover which would be the most filling.  The foods were served from under a hood to minimize the influence of appearance, and, if possible, they were served at the same temperature and in the same size chunks.
After eating, the volunteers told the researchers what their appetite ratings were, but they were not allowed anything else for the next two hours. Then, after two hours, they were allowed to eat from a small buffet where the scientists measured how much they nibbled from a variety of other foods. Their consumption was closely monitored, and every 15 minutes they were questioned about their hunger to see if their subjective impression of satisfaction matched their eating behaviour. Using this information, Holt and her colleagues were able to put together the satiety index .  White bread was taken as the baseline of 100 and other foods were scored on their comparative ability to satisfy hunger.  Foods scoring higher than 100 were more satisfying than white bread whereas those scoring under 100 were less satisfying.

So, what are the top ten most filling foods?

1.    Potatoes (323% more satisfying than white bread)
2.    Fish (225%)
3.    Porridge/Oats/Oatmeal (209%)
4.    Apples (197%) and Oranges (202%)
5.    Wholewheat Pasta (188%)
6.    Beef (176%)
7.    Beans (168%)
8.    Grapes (162%)
9.    Wholemeal Bread (157%)
10.   Popcorn (154%)

What Makes These Foods So Filling?

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