My Plantcentric Journey

by Amy McKeever



[Image: Starbucks Rewards]

Lactose-intolerant Starbucks customers are up in arms after the chainrevealed its revamped Gold Card rewards program will drop its free soymilk and syrup provisions. Yes, buried within an announcement touting how much easier it will be now for Gold Card members to earn a free drink or food — only 12 required purchases rather than 15 — comes the horrific revelation thatsoymilk is no longer on the house for card holders. Which, as Consumerist points out, is a little bit of a problem for people who are Gold Card members but cannot (or choose not to) consume dairy.

These people are now renouncing their loyalty to Starbucks and declaring things like, “We are SHOCKED that this is ending,” noting that one of the big benefits of the Gold Card program was not the free drinks but rather the exact soy and syrup provisions that have just been dropped. And it’s not just the lactose-intolerant, but also vegans who have hijacked the discussion thread of the Starbucks announcement with declarations like this gem:

“Thanks Starbucks!!! LOVE THE NEW TAX ON VEGAN’S!!! The only good thing with the “NEW BENEFITS” is it saves me money, the money I USED TO SPEND AT STARBUCKS… i enjoyed it while it lasted!!!!- i have $8.30 left on my card after that my household will no longer be a customer of starbucks!!!!

The Gold Card rewards changes go into effect on October 16, so there’s still time to protest.

· My Starbucks Rewards Program Changes [Official Site]
· Starbucks To Gold Card Customers: Sorry, We’re Not Paying For Your Lactose Intolerance Anymore [Consumerist]


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