My Plantcentric Journey

If you’ve gone shopping for Ketchup lately, you’ve probably noticed that some are loudly claiming NO High Fructose Corn Syrup inside.  But what you may not have noticed, I certainly didn’t, is that GMO Sugar Beets are now inside! Laura

Unfortunately, despite making a new  line of ketchup without HFCS, now it uses sugar from GMO sugar beets (a small step up, but still gmo and still doused with tons of pesticides). It keeps getting more and more difficult to buy foods without GMOs in them in some way, we now have only cane sugar, molasses, honey, maple and agave syrups, and of course stevia to choose from. Please stop by Heinz Ketchup‘s page to tell them how you feel about this or contact their customer service line to do so in person.


via Occupy Monsanto


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