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Healthy Halloween Treats – Carrot Rice Mini Jack-o Lanterns

Here’s something to help tone down the sugar coma that results from having that candy binge on October 31. Try our healthy Halloween treats! And yes, I did say “healthy” and “Halloween” in the same sentence.

These little gems are yummy and healthy and so easy to make. And – my fab frugal friends – they are a FABFRUGALFOOD EXCLUSIVE! No, seriously – you won’t find these out there anywhere! I thought this up whilst  in the shower one morning. Hey! – isn’t that where you receive your best culinary inspirations?

Here’s the scoop: Just cook some medium or short-grain rice as per the package directions, but replace some of the water with carrot juice. Let cool to room temp. Form into little balls the size of ping-pong balls. Cut black olives into little shapes to form eyes and mouth and then a little piece of green bell pepper or green onion to form a stem.

Then, just sit back and revel in your healthy but festive smugness.

Happy Hauntings, Everyone!



1 1/2 cups medium or short grain rice
2 cups carrot juice
1 cup water
1/2 teaspoon salt

Boil all ingredients for 15 minutes, or until all liquid is absorbed. Let cool to room temperature.

To make jack o’ lanterns, form small golf ball sized balls out of rice, pressing firmly with hands. (Note: If rice sticks to hands, lightly sprinkle hands with water when rolling.)

To form eyes and mouths, cut black olives into shapes and press into the rice balls. To make stem, cut a small triangle of green bell pepper and stick into rice ball on top.

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– posted by Donna


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