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Researchers at Harvard have found out that, men who eat just three portions of cheese a day have poorer quality sperm compared to others.


It is a known fact that hypertension – responsible for decreasing semen count– is caused by fatty foods such as gravy, butter, cheese, bacon and chocolate. Out of all these, cheese has been alleged as a major culprit.

Scientists at Harvard school of Public and Health in Boston have revealed that young men who eat more than three slices of cheese a day may be risking their chances of becoming fathers according to a new study. Male fertility can be affected by a variety of factors including environmental hazards as well as lifestyle factors, especially their eating habits.

In the study, the diets of 189 healthy men aged 19-25 were compared. Each of them filled a Questionnaire which questioned their daily diet consisting of fruits, meat, dairy products and others types of food during a week. Even their sperms were tested in the labs to understand their speed and shape.

It was discovered that the sperm of men who ate more than three portions of full-fat dairy food a day was 25 percent poorer quality than those who had less.

The study, led by Myriam Afeiche explained that the female hormone oestrogen present in cow’s milk may be held responsible for affecting men’s fertility. Pesticides that find their way into the dairy products may also be blamed, she added.

The study proves that globally loved and hogged cheese may have more to it than just its taste after all. Still planning to order that Cheese Pizza with extra cheese on top?


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