My Plantcentric Journey

I am really enjoying Food Babe’s blog lately.  Unfortunately, the closest Whole Foods to us is about 25 miles away, but our local Heinens is becoming our go-to store more and more.

Food Babe has now investigated Whole Foods Market and lets us know what to look out for.

Everything is not organic.  She gives the list of the Dirty Dozen Plus (the top 15 items you should splurge for and buy organic) and the Clean 15 (the 15 types of produce that are lowest in pesticides).

We love to eat at Whole Foods when we’re there, carefully reading for any hidden sugar or oil, but she makes the point to read over the ingredients labels with a fine toothed comb because she found foods like GMOs, hidden MSG and cheap oils like soy, corn and canola.

Always look for this label when common GMO ingredients are listed:


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