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Pink Ribbons = Big Business

Last week I was on yet another plane. About ten minutes after we took flight, the pilot asked us to donate to breast cancer awareness (October is the big month after all) by purchasing a pink Minute Maid or a pink martini. I chuckled as I often do. Well, that’s not true, sometimes I shout. Now before I continue, let me make one thing clear, I’m not bashing cancer research, it’s very important. It saves lives. We absolutely need it. I’m pointing out the insidious hypocrisy and mixed messages that pink washing sends. Pink high fructose corn syrup? Pink M&M’s? Pink carcinogenic cosmetics? Pink alcohol? Pink handguns (I shizzle you not)? I’m sure the pink movement started out with impeccable intentions, but it seems to lose its way the bigger it gets. Sadly, many of the pink products contribute to getting us sick in the first place. Offer me a pink grapefruit and I’m in! Offer me a product that will depress my immune system and I’m driven to write (my way of standing up for us). And where does that money actually go? Does it all go towards research? I think not. Pink is big business.

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