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2012 is Coming to a Close. When Obama Ran in 2008 He Promised that GMO and Source of Origin Labeling Were Every American’s *Right* to Know What They Are Eating.

2012 is coming to a close. When Obama ran in 2008 he promised that GMO and source of origin labeling were every American’s *right* to know what they are eating. The reality is that such a *right* seems so blazingly CLEAR, and yet we are ha…ving to fight tooth and nail for a *right* so unbelievably basic. How is that freedom in any way? Since in office, he has placed Monsanto execs into high places inside our government, where they have huge power over policy and fraudulently approving these products as they stone wall all labeling efforts as well. Obama has pushed through the BIOECONOMY BLUEPRINT- a plan that identifies Monsanto, Dow, Cargill, Dupont, Fuel giants, etc., as the main players in the “GREEN” Economy plans. They tried to get GMO trees into wildlife refuges, but it was temporarily blocked in late October. Now they are green lighting GMO salmon OVER THE HOLIDAYS, against the grave warnings from world respected biologists, ecologists, doctors, and activists. This is getting worse, not better. We must ACT NOW. We must start becoming ORGANIZED LOCALLY.See More
Photo: The Unholy Alliance: Monsanto, Dupont & Obama:

Source of info in graphic:

Controlling Our Food | A Documentary On Genetically Modified Foods GMO's.
From Occupy the FDA fb page.

Chocolate Mango Mixed Berry Dessert Dr. Jeff Novick, MS, RD

 This is delicious and simple!
Jeff Novick's Chocolate Mango Dessert
Chocolate Mango Mixed Berry Orgasmic Dessert. Made from 100% Plant Perfect Whole Foods with no added sugars, oils/fats, or salt. Enjoy! 🙂
Chocolate Mango Mixed Berry Orgasmic Dessert1 Bag Mixed Frozen Berries (Strawberries, Blueberries, Rasberries, Blackberries)
2 Fresh Mango
2 TB Hershey’s Cocoa Powder
2 Tsp Diced WalnutsBlend 1 Mango with 2 TB Cocoa Powder
Arrange Berries in Parfait Glass
Top With Chocolate
Top With Diced Mango
Top With 1 Tsp Diced WalnutsAhhhhh!!!!!(I ate 2 of them) 🙂

Examples of some of my favorite simple recipes. Most all of them can be made in about 5 minutes, have less then 5 ingredients and cost much less than 5 dollars. These meals are very low in calorie density and very high in nutrient density so you can eat all you want till you are comfortably full without having to worry about portions size or going hungry. They are all based on my lecture, Calorie Density: How To Eat more, Weigh Less & Live Longer! Enjoy!

By:   Jeff Novick, MS, RD

Christmas Tree Salad Pomegranates, Pecans, Red Swiss Chard A Star on Top! Delicious!

Christmas Tree Salad

Oh my, this was so delicious!

I served it for Christmas Dinner at my house for 24.  It is loaded!  The base is Organic Red Swiss Chard, which is so beautiful because of the bright red green veins against the dark green leaves.  It has Honeycrisp Apples, Pomegranate Seeds, Satsuma Mandarin oranges (although Cuties clementines will do) and frozen red grapes.  There is also an awesome sweet & sour dressing to make.  Then, the Pièce de résistance, you put a star made out of toast on top the mound of salad!

It was so good, I made it again for my birthday three days later!

Get the recipe here:


Have You Ever Made Your Own Almond Milk? It Tastes Divine and is Super Easy!

I made my own Almond Milk for the very first time last night.  It is so decadent tasting that it transforms your coffee and your cereal.  It’s like using a gourmet creamer or cream for your cereal.  Here’s how I did it:

Homemade Almond Milk

2 C. Almonds, raw and unsalted

6 C. water

Combine the almonds with water in a blender and soak overnight.

The next day, turn on the blender and blend the almonds and water for about 3 minutes, until the almonds are pulverized and the almond milk is formed.

Line a fine-mesh seive (strainer) with cheesecloth and place over a mixing bowl.  Pour the almond milk throught the cheesecloth and squeeze to extract all the milk.  You’ll have about 1 quart almond milk.  Transfer the almond milk to a jar or pitcher and refrigerate.  Discard almond pulp.

We Met Rip Esselstyn Author of Engine 2 Diet

Rip Esselstyn me bill aaron1

Me, Rip Esselstyn, my husband Bill and son, Aaron

I had the pleasure of meeting Rip Esselstyn at his book signing & meet and greet at my local Whole Foods Market.  As I expected, he was laid-back and very informative.  His Engine 2 Diet book is one of the books that really got us rolling in this new plantcentric journey.  The other main book we used was his father’s,  Caldwell B. Esselstyn, M.D. How to Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease.  (For more on our start and the books and documentaries we learned from, see the About section on this blog.)

He touched on how he got interested in eating plant-strong, as he calls it, and how he got his fire department to give up meat and dairy and why it is so healthy to do so.

He has his own line of foods that are just coming out called Engine 2 Foods.  We absolutely LOVE his Engine 2 Organic Crispbreads with some hummus spread on top.  We also love his Rip’s Big Bowl Cereal  Check out his line here  Only available at Whole Foods Market.

Interview and Giveaway! Happy Herbivore, Lindsay S. Nixon, Answers All My Questions!

HHA_31DaysofGiveaways_badgeI had an extraordinary opportunity to interview (and offer a great giveaway – more about that at the end of this post!) the Happy Herbivore herself, Lindsay S. Nixon.  You may know her from her blog,, or her cookbooks The Happy Herbivore Cookbook and Everyday Happy Herbivore.  Her work has been praised and endorsed by notable leaders in the plant-based movement such as Dr. T. Colin Campbell, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Dr. Neal Barnard, and Dr. John McDougall.

She has just come out with her 3rd cookbook, Happy Herbivore Abroad, A Travelogue & Over 135 Fat-Free & Low-Fat Vegan Recipes From Around the World.   Recipes Made with Everyday Ingredients.  She has lived in eight states, visited 46, spent a year as an expat on a Caribbean island, and traveled to more than 35 places abroad.


I really love this cookbook for so many reasons.  A big thing is that I didn’t need to buy 15 different ingredients for each recipe.  Remember, the cover promises everyday ingredients.  I found that I only needed to get 1 or 2 for each.  The ingredient lists are short and the recipes easy.  I really loved reading the little stories about each recipe, where she was, who she met.  I sat down and read this book cover-to-cover.  Great color photos of her travels are included as well.


The Interview:

Laura Arnold:  Let me introduce myself. I’m Laura Arnold, and I write the health/nutrition blog My Twitter account is @Plantcentric. I’ve lost about 100 lbs and follow Dr. Esselstyn’s no added oil, vegan, clean whole foods diet. I also follow Dr. Robert Lustig’s The Bitter Truth of Sugar, so I don’t add sugar. I believe that food is medicine. My followers are health conscious vegans, health institutes, and animal lovers. My hope is to build an entire community of bloggers and health experts that I highlight, sharing content and elevating each of our respective causes and readership together. I view my blog to be like Huffington Post or Drudge Report of health and nutrition, where the reader comes to read lots of different ideas from different bloggers and then can go to that blog to follow-up and learn more about the blogger. Please feel free to read my story in the About section on my blog.

Here are my questions for you:

1.Like so many, you became vegan due to a health scare,and now when you go for your check-ups, the doctor and staff can’t believe what your numbers are and want to show everyone! I ask my readers, “Why wait? Why wait until you’re sick to change your lifestyle?” How do you get that message out? Do you think it’s working?

Lindsay Nixon:  I’m a big believer in leading by example.

Laura:  2. I love that your parents have gone vegan. Reading about them and their adventures is so much fun. They are so cute! I give them so much credit. That’s my favorite part of your blog. You are blessed to have your family change right along with you. Whenever I go to my family’s, I have to bring all my own food. There is very rarely anything, other than maybe a veggie plate, that I can have. How did that change happen for your family?

Lindsay:  My husband sort of found his own way to a plant-based diet. My sister, she had severe allergies and no medications were working. I convinced her to try being plant-based for a few weeks “just to see” and it worked. She was an insta-convert after that. As for my parents, my Dad had a heart attack. The next day he went plant-based and my mom did too.

Laura:  3. How did you go from being a lawyer to cooking? Did your parents think you’d lost your marbles?

Lindsay:  I started blogging in 2007, when I was still in law school. It was a creative outlet for me. Even after I’d graduated and taken the bar exam, blogging continued to be my hobby. As time wore on I realized I liked blogging and cooking way more than I liked being a lawyer, but my hands were tied… until I had the opportunity to write my first cookbook.

I knew there was no way I could work as a lawyer AND write a cookbook, so it was one or the other. I decided to take a big chance, quit being a lawyer and work on my cookbook while also doing various freelance assignments to pay the bills. My husband and I also had to do some major downsizing to make it happen — selling our cars, moving from a large apartment to a teeny, tiny studio, etc. (I’m so glad he was up for it!)

In the end, it all worked out — with an insane amount of hard work 🙂

Lindsay Nixon headshot1

Laura:  4. So many times when I read a vegan cookbook, the recipes liberally use oil. You don’t use any added oil. Your cookbook is sorely needed. Do you find that you are constantly having to explain why no oil even more than why no animal products?

Lindsay:  I explain why I don’t use oil or animal products in the front of all my cookbooks, so if anyone was curious why, they have the information right there. Most of my fans and supporters like that I don’t use animal products or oil, so it’s not an issue.

Laura:  5. Your new book, Happy Herbivore Abroad, is coming out December 4. Congratulations! You may find this surprising, but I had never tried Indian food until last year, and I’m 50! I wanted to go out to a nice dinner for my birthday, and Indian restaurants were the only ones that I could find that had a vegetarian section on their menu! I can’t be the only one that this has happened to, so you could say that a whole new group of people are going to be open to making international, no oil, vegan recipes that never were before. Are these recipes using easy to find ingredients and easy to follow? What countries are represented?

Lindsay:  Yes. I focus on easy, no fuss recipes with everyday ingredients.

So many countries are included, I couldn’t list them all 🙂


Thank you so much, Lindsay.  Now to the GIVEAWAY:  In the comment section below, tell me which post on has helped you the most.  The winner will receive a copy of Lindsay’s brand new cookbook Happy Herbivore Abroad!

Good Luck!

It’s Just One Meal. One Meal Can’t Hurt Me, Right?

There are more cardiac deaths on December 25, 26, and January 1 than any other days of the year.1 This sobering observation suggests that overindulging at a holiday meal can be extremely hazardous to your heart.

Dr. Fuhrman


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