My Plantcentric Journey

I made my own Almond Milk for the very first time last night.  It is so decadent tasting that it transforms your coffee and your cereal.  It’s like using a gourmet creamer or cream for your cereal.  Here’s how I did it:

Homemade Almond Milk

2 C. Almonds, raw and unsalted

6 C. water

Combine the almonds with water in a blender and soak overnight.

The next day, turn on the blender and blend the almonds and water for about 3 minutes, until the almonds are pulverized and the almond milk is formed.

Line a fine-mesh seive (strainer) with cheesecloth and place over a mixing bowl.  Pour the almond milk throught the cheesecloth and squeeze to extract all the milk.  You’ll have about 1 quart almond milk.  Transfer the almond milk to a jar or pitcher and refrigerate.  Discard almond pulp.

Comments on: "Have You Ever Made Your Own Almond Milk? It Tastes Divine and is Super Easy!" (2)

  1. veganadian said:

    I love making my own milk 🙂 I have made Almond and Oat milk so far. I am trying Rice milk next!
    Happy New Year!


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