My Plantcentric Journey

This goes with what I posted yesterday about how Big Food is purposely addicting the American consumer. When reading ingredient lists (you diligently check all the food you are thinking of buying while you’re in the grocery store, right?) have you run across “natural flavors?” Of course you have, they’re in everything processed! When you go to the link below, I have another MUST-WATCH for you.You must watch the 60 Minutes segment on Givaudan – the largest flavor company in the world. They pride themselves on making “addictive” flavors. Strawberry and vanilla flavors can come from a beaver’s backside! I suppose you can say that’s a natural flavor, but how gross is that? Please read and share. The only way we will change this is with our vote, and we vote 3 times a day with our pocketbook. Eat only whole, plant-based foods. Keep your health or regain it.

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