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Made Chloe’s Indian Buffet Trio as a special dinner while my twin sons were home from college on break. So delicious! From Chloe’s Kitchen cookbook which is my favorite cookbook

We were first introduced to Indian food when we went out for my 50th birthday December, 2011. It was our first time at an Indian restaurant, and I specifically chose it because of the vegetarian options on the menu.  It was so fun and memorable, because they took us back into the kitchen and showed us how they made naan bread on the side of their tandoor.

For the naan recipe, I found fresh whole wheat pizza dough in a ball at my Whole Foods Market. It was clean, 100% whole wheat and only 5 ingredients. My sons and I put garlic in the middle of each ball, folded over the top and rolled them out. Really fun, family bonding thing to do. 

Our favorite dish of the three entrees was the Saag Aloo, our 2nd favorite was the Vegetable Biryani and that leaves the Chana Masala for last but not least.

The Saag Aloo was creamyand curry-like. I’ve always loved anything creamy. When I gave up dairy, I thought I would never have that sensational mouth-feel again. Then I learned of cashew cream. Wow!

I used black Forbidden Rice in place of the Basmati in the Vegetable Biryani, so everything was completely black.  Ever eat completely black broccoli or summer squash? Looked funny, but tasted oh so sweet due to the raisins.

Just for the record, I did not use any oil that was called for. I used vegetable broth or water.

Once again, I forgot to take pictures (maybe it’s good that I don’t have a picture!)  but you can get the recipes and see pictures here:

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