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Watch “You’re Eating Wood, Ammonia & Arsenic | Brainwash Update” on YouTube

“Modern chicken has no flavor” — let’s make it in a lab –

Wow, another telling look into the science of flavorings in the processed food industry. “Natural flavors,” “artificial flavors” are all being used to cover up unwanted flavors in the product. I didn’t realize that. I also didn’t realize that some of the flavorings, like hydrolyzed vegetable protein, or HVP, is made by boiling a de-oiled soybean (remember if soy is not organic it is GMO) in large vats of hydrochloric acid for 6 hours. And we wonder why our bodies fail and develop cancer, etc. Just look at rhe frankenfood we are putting into them. Please read the article here: Michigan store offers ‘GMO’ food labels

I am so uplifted by what is happenibg across the country. Monsanto must be concerned.

Watch “Michael Pollan’s: “Don’t Buy Any Food You’ve Ever Seen Advertised”. Democracy Now 5/14/09 2 of 2″ on YouTube

Watch “Michael Pollan’s: “Don’t Buy Any Food You’ve Ever Seen Advertised”. Democracy Now 5/14/09 1 of 2″ on YouTube

BREAKING!!! GMO Labeling Coming to Whole Foods Market | Whole Foods Market

This is fantastic! Whole Foods Market is committing to GMO labeling of all products in their stores within 5 years! The power of a grass-roots movement!

Warm Corn and Potato Salad – Vegetarian Friend

This has become a new staple in our home. I bought organic corn (to assure it was non-GMO), and we always have potatoes and onions on-hand. I didn’t have any chilies, so I sprinkled on some crushed red pepper flakes, some smoked paprika and some chili powder. I baked the potatoes in the microwave, so this dish is super quick. It is good warm or cold. Could easily add some edamame or beans of your choice to really up the protein.

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