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Let Congress Know We Want GMO Foods Labeled in EVERY State!

Please go here: and let Congress know you want all the foods that are GMO to be labeled.

Let our voices unite and ring out over the land!


H.R. 3553: Genetically Engineered Food Right to Know Act

112th Congress, 2011–2012

To amend the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, the Federal Meat Inspection Act, and the Poultry Products Inspection Act to require that food that contains a genetically engineered material, or that is produced with a genetically engineered material, be labeled accordingly.

Rep. Dennis Kucinich [D-OH10]
Referred to Committee
This is what I wrote and sent to Congress:
I support H.R. 3553: Genetically Engineered Food Right to Know Act because… I have become a student of GMO and deem it to be an unknown experiment on the public. I write about it on my blog,, extensively. The majority want to at least know that it’s in their food. They can then decide for themselves if they want to serve it to themselves and their families. Without the labeling, the public is kept in the dark and that is not morally or ethically right.

Signature seen by Members of Congress:
Mrs. Laura Arnold


Did You Know that a National GMO Labeling Law Has Been Introduced?

Rep. Dennis Kucinich has already introduced a national GMO labeling law called the Genetically Engineered Food Safety Act, or H.R. 6635


Let’s get behind this and get it passed!

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