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Can Certain Nutrients Really Help Prevent Breast Cancer? Here’s what the science of epigenetics says:


EPIGENETICS for Breast Cancer Prevention

by Alexander Johnson
EPIGENETICS for Breast Cancer Prevention

Every year, nearly 250,000 women learn that they have invasive breast cancer. Roughly58,000 more will be diagnosed with early cases of the disease.1 And about 40,000 will die.2

Some women are so paralyzed by the fear of this disease that they undergo double mastectomies in a drastic attempt to prevent it from occurring.

Despite these dire numbers and drastic actions, there is hope for the prevention of breast cancer. And it doesn’t come in the form of risky surgical procedures—it comes from nature itself.

Up to 50% of breast cancer cases are now thought to be preventable through simple changes in diet and lifestyle.3,4 The use of specific agents to prevent cancer from developing is calledchemoprevention. Utilized properly, chemoprevention should be able to eliminate pre-malignant cells, block the progression of normal cells into invasive tumors, and ultimately stop a cancer before it ever reaches a size that could cause symptoms or be detected.5

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