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If Monsanto and Dow believe GE foods are safe, why are they spending millions of dollars to fight California’s GE labeling ballot initiative? Watch and share this short eye-opening video on corporate health claims:

President Obama Promised to Label GMOs

Top 10 Lies Told by Monsanto on GMO Labeling in California

GMOs: Your Right to Know

lindBreaking News: Corporations Stab Organic Consumers in the Back — Familiar Brands Funding Attack and Consumers Right to GMO Labeling

Here’s the List of Companies Opposed to Labeling GMOs and How Much They’ve Donated to Stop It.

Now you know who’s guilty, don’t let their actions go unnoticed. These are the companies and the amounts they have donated thus far to defeat Prop. 37 in California which would require labeling of all foods containing GMO ingredients. Please boycott them, spread the word, and let them hear what you think about their actions!

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