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2012 is Coming to a Close. When Obama Ran in 2008 He Promised that GMO and Source of Origin Labeling Were Every American’s *Right* to Know What They Are Eating.

2012 is coming to a close. When Obama ran in 2008 he promised that GMO and source of origin labeling were every American’s *right* to know what they are eating. The reality is that such a *right* seems so blazingly CLEAR, and yet we are ha…ving to fight tooth and nail for a *right* so unbelievably basic. How is that freedom in any way? Since in office, he has placed Monsanto execs into high places inside our government, where they have huge power over policy and fraudulently approving these products as they stone wall all labeling efforts as well. Obama has pushed through the BIOECONOMY BLUEPRINT- a plan that identifies Monsanto, Dow, Cargill, Dupont, Fuel giants, etc., as the main players in the “GREEN” Economy plans. They tried to get GMO trees into wildlife refuges, but it was temporarily blocked in late October. Now they are green lighting GMO salmon OVER THE HOLIDAYS, against the grave warnings from world respected biologists, ecologists, doctors, and activists. This is getting worse, not better. We must ACT NOW. We must start becoming ORGANIZED LOCALLY.See More
Photo: The Unholy Alliance: Monsanto, Dupont & Obama:

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Controlling Our Food | A Documentary On Genetically Modified Foods GMO's.
From Occupy the FDA fb page.

“You want to know what I find sad?”



“You want to know what I find sad? That I have friends in California who are celebrating Obama winning, while upset that the GMO labeling prop [37] was defeated. LOL He appointed Monsanto execs to the highest offices of food in the country!!! Obama appointed Monsanto to run the FDA and the USDA!”

Occupy the FDA fb post

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