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What’s REALLY in the Chocolate You’re Eating?

Food Babe has looked into what’s in our chocolate.  From HFCS to GMOs to growth hormone to artificial colors and Trans Fat.

She names names and gives alternatives.

Check out her report here:

Here’s the List of Companies Opposed to Labeling GMOs and How Much They’ve Donated to Stop It.

Now you know who’s guilty, don’t let their actions go unnoticed. These are the companies and the amounts they have donated thus far to defeat Prop. 37 in California which would require labeling of all foods containing GMO ingredients. Please boycott them, spread the word, and let them hear what you think about their actions!

These Companies OPPOSE GMO Labeling Wonder Why?

For a full list of brands/products see this list made by Stephanie Ladwig-Cooper of Gaia Creations:

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