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Video – Why Does The Cost of Healthcare Cost So Much?

Be sure to watch this short video to learn how unfair they healthcare system is to American conaumers

Non-Partisan Non-Political Message Regarding Healthcare

I wholeheartedly agree with her:
Healthy Happy Long Life:  This is my non-partisan non-political message! I know about long-term care, & spending all of one’s savings on nursing care because of totally disabling strokes & vascular dementia. If you have a long-term chronic illness & live long enough–there’s a good chance you can end up in a nursing home & eventually need medicaid. It’s pretty hard to afford long-term care for too many years.
It’s time to talk about the ONLY way we are going to deal with this spiraling-out-of-control health care cost deficit.

Diet & exercise. It’s time for a Cultural Change to eating real food, replacing the Western diet with a plant-based no-added-oil diet–and incorporating aerobic, strength, flexibility, & balance exercise into our daily lives. We need them both.

Otherwise, we are heading towards a crisis (emotional & fiscal) that no amount of $$ will solve. We need to make eating healthy & exercising “the norm”, “the default” for everyone!! Here’s my story:

Long-Term Care Looms as Rising Medicaid Cost

The program is the only safety net for millions of middle-class people whose needs for long-term care, at home or in a nursing home, outlast their resourc

With Health Care in the News…

Forks Over Knives is a must see!

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