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1st Step in Avoiding Concentrated GMOs

Now that Prop 37 has failed in California, and there currently is no state forcing Big Food to label which food products contain GMOs, it looks like we consumers are going to have to make intelligent guesses and vote with our wallets until we can get something passed.

Get educated.  Educate others.  There is a lot of info on this blog, and I will continue putting on more and showing you the sites where I got them so that you can visit them yourself.

Please feel free to share these posts.  My intention is to bring together the most relevant information on nutrition and health from all different sources, kind of like Huffington Post or Drudge Report.  Laura


 “The 1st step to avoiding concentrated sources of GMOs, pesticides, veterinary meds, & other toxins is to minimize/eliminate animal products.”


Julieanna Hever

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