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Escape Fire: The Fight to Rescue America’s Healthcare

This is available in theaters in select cities and also on pay-per-view.  We watched in our own home for only $5.99.  It was so worthwhile.

Doctors are paid for the number of patients they see and the number of procedures they perform.  If they spend 5 minutes with the patient and then put in at stent, they get paid about $1,500.  If they want to spend 45 minutes with a patient to try to find out what their true problem is, they’d get paid about $15.  It’s a completely irrational system.  There is one hospital mentioned in the film that pays their doctors a salary, so they’re not pushing unwarranted procedures on patients:  The Cleveland Clinic.

Please take the time to watch, so you are in the know when you or your loved ones go to the doctor.

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