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Eating Out I Dr. John McDougall

How Do I Stay Plant-Based and Still Be Able to Attend Family/Friend Celebrations? Or Will I EVER Be Able to Eat Out Again?

Welshfield Inn, Burton, Ohio  A Wonderful Restaurant for Vegans and Carnivores Alike

Do you ever think about becoming a vegetarian or vegan but think that there’s no way you could ever eat anywhere other than your own kitchen, becoming a hermit in the process?

Don’t worry.  It does take planning, but it can be done.

We recently had a family celebration for a milestone birthday – 85 years young.  When we were considering what restaurant to hold it at, I emailed ahead and contacted the General Manager, Bob Petersen, of the Welshfield Inn in Burton, OH.  I asked if he would accomodate vegans.  He said no problem!  He said they usually do some kind of pasta and vegetable dish.  I asked if the pasta was whole wheat.  He said he would have it for us.

Welshfield Inn was built during the 1840’s and is gorgeous!  We sat on the patio on nice Sunday evening in August.  The landscaping was beautiful.  The breeze was cool, too cool for the 85 year old birthday girl, but they brought out 3 heaters and placed them around our table.  We were comfortable for the entire evening.  Our pasta was delicious!  It was whole wheat with fresh tomatoes and asparagus.  Since restaurants are notorious for having too large of servings, I had already allotted for 2 cups of whole wheat pasta in my Weight Watcher tracker, but I was served about 4 cups!  I was able to stop at approximately 2 cups and had them box up the rest.  My son ate it later that night.  All the carnivores at the table raved about their food also.

The Welshfield Story

Jacob Welsh and his daughter traveled from Boston, Massachusetts in 1811 to the Western Reserve area of Northeast Ohio. Mr. Welsh donated fifty acres of his land on which to build a church, parsonage and cemetery. In addition, he agreed to provide the nails and glass for the church if his neighbors would call the area Welshfield, in honor of his family.

The Inn was built during the 1840’s by Alden Nash and was named the Nash Hotel. This original structure still stands as the center portion of the building, with various additions throughout the years. It served as a stagecoach stop on the two-day trip from Youngstown to Cleveland and offered overnight lodging to visitors.

During the Civil War, the Inn was part of the Underground Railroad, caring for escaped slaves on their way to Canada. There are written accounts from the time detailing how the slaves were hidden in the hotel barn and fed baskets of food prepared from the kitchen. During the ensuing years, the Inn was the social center of the Welshfield area, at various times housing a school, a barber shop, a jewelry shop and the Post Office. Additions to the building were made over time, including a ballroom, guest rooms and the signature front porch.

Until 1946, the Inn went through several owners, each adding history and personal touches to the building. In August, 1946, the Inn was purchased by Brian and Pauline Holmes of Akron, who created and nurtured the family style restaurant known as the Welshfield Inn. The Holmes’ owned the Inn for over forty-five years, residing and raising their family in the upstairs living quarters and growing and harvesting much of the produce featured seasonally on their menu. Upon their retirement in 1992, The Inn was sold to Drs. Arthur and William Steffee and their sister Susan. The Steffee’s added on the garden room dining area and undertook other major renovations and improvements throughout the historic building. During their ownership, the Inn developed its reputation as a family-style restaurant, drawing visitors and families from all over Northeastern Ohio.

In 2007, the Inn was purchased by the SKHM group, proprietors of restaurants and inns, including 87 West at Crocker Park, Washington Place Bistro and Inn (formerly Baricelli Inn), and the Allegheny Grille located in Foxburg, Pennsylvania. After extensive renovation and restoration, The Welshfield Inn reopened in November of 2007. In 2010, the neighboring church was purchased and underwent renovation to become a banquet facility to help serve greater demand for private functions. Our goal at The Welshfield Inn is to exceed our guests expectations while providing friendly and attentive service, consistently excellent food, in one of the regions most historic establishments.

If you’re in the area, Welshfield Inn is truly deserving of your visit.  They could not have been any more accomodating to us.  It was excellent.

14001 Main Market Road
Burton, Ohio 44021

Fast Food Burgers Have Tripled in Size since the 1950s PLUS My Restaurant Tips

CDC graphic about how portion sizes have been growing over the years.


America’s restaurant portion sizes are out of control and our waistlines are showing it!  Do you know how many servings are in a pasta entree at your favorite chain Italian restaurant?  Four!  Some helpful tips to navigate eating out:

1.  Do Your Homework:  Look up the restaurant’s website and check out the nutritional info.  Make the decision at home, not when you’re hungry and everyone else wants you to hurry up and order.

2.  Call ahead and ask if they can accommodate vegans, vegetarians or whatever dietary restrictions you follow.  I’ve been automatically put right through to the chef!  He was so kind, said he prepares vegan dishes often and has some regulars that are vegan also.

3.  Ask the server to box half the entree before it is brought to your table or split it with someone at your table.

4.  Order an appetizer as your entree.

5.  Ask lots of questions.  How is it prepared?  Ask for no oil or butter, cheese, or sauce, etc.  Restaurants want return business.

6.  Look for ingredients used in different dishes and ask the chef to use the individual ingredients in one dish for you.

7.  Be pleasant to your server.  They want to please you.

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