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My Slow Cooker Pumpkin Steel Cut Oats with Chia & Cinnamon


We have this for breakfast about 99% of the time.

1 C. Steel Cut Oats

1 15 oz. can pure Pumpkin (not pumpkin pie mix).  (n the summer, I used 1 small box frozed cooked squash)

6 1/2 C. Water

Cinnamon to taste

Non-Dairy Milk (we use So Delicious Almond Plus Unsweetened)

Chia seeds to garnish (optional)

Fruit (optional)

The night before, in a slow cooker, add all ingredients.  When you go to bed, turn cooker on low.

When you get up, you will be greeted with the smell of pumpkin & cinnamon.  A wonderful way to start the day!

Makes 4 big servings.  If you wish, top with fruit of your choice.

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